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The Broadsheet

New Mexico Press Women
September 2004   Vol. 27 No. 5

Lively Meeting Jumpstarts
Northern Chapter

Some 20 people turned out for the reorganization of the Northern Chapter. Emily Drabanski reports a good turn out for the lunch and tour at Los Luceros in Alcalde, which just opened this summer to the public.

"The showpiece of the tour was the elegant Casa Grande, once the home of Mary Cabot Wheelwright," Emily said. "It's gone through extensive restoration and it's been furnished to reflect the Wheelwright era. We also got to see the restoration work that's being done on the chapel."

Walking on the nature trails of the property, folks got a close-up look at a fraction of the 140-acre site, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Huge magnificent cottonwoods, verdant farmlands and the winding Rio Grande all added to the special northern New Mexico ambiance found in Alcalde.

"Our group was much larger than anticipated, so our service was a bit slow for lunch. But people enjoyed relaxing and meeting one another in the River House on the property," Drabanski said.

Attendees filled out an interest survey and agreed to meet in mid-October. They included: Anne Hillerman, Cindy Bellinger, R. Thomas Berner, Layne Vickers Smith, Ree Sheck, Bonnie Gordon, Robin Priestley, Sara Ford, Brandi Erisman, Jean Kepler Ross, Charlotte Berney, Kelly Peitsmeyer, Carol A. Clark, Kathy Cordova and Emily.

Participants included writers and editors from Taos, Los Alamos, Santa Fe and Pecos.

NMPW President Chris Burroughs and Historian Denise Tessier, both of Albuquerque, told the group about the services and opportunities that NMPW offers its members. Other longtime members -- Kathy Cordova, Anne Hillerman, Ree Sheck and Emily Drabanski -- also spoke about NMPW.

Your newsletter editor is technology-impaired, but R. Thomas Berner, professor emeritus of journalism from Pennsylvania State University, got some great shots. He'll email images on request. Contact him by e-mail at CoalCracker@psu.edu.

Reserve a space ASAP for the Oct. 16 Northern Chapter luncheon at 12:30, at Restaurante Rancho de Chimayó in the village of Chimayó. The traditional northern New Mexico village of Chimayó has three weaving shops. It's also home to El Santuario de Chimayó, the famous chapel/shrine. We'll do more networking and elect officers for the chapter.

Owner Florence Jaramillo welcomes us all to the restaurant, which celebrates its 40th anniversary next year. We'll eat in a private dining room. For $11.50 we'll be able to choose one of five traditional entrees: the Pollo al Estillo Chimayo, Sopaipilla Relleno, Taco Salad, Combinacion Pequeño or Traditional Enchiladas. The cost includes chips and salsa, sopaipillas and honey and a choice of coffee, tea or soda. (Tax and gratuity included.) For those with a sweet tooth you may add a dessert, as follows: natilla (total lunch $14.50), flan ($15) or piñon mocha mousse ($15.50). No shows will be billed; cancellations must be at least 72 hours in advance.

RSVP to edrabanski@yahoo.com . For directions and a map to the restaurant located on County Road 98 on the scenic High Road to Taos, go to www.ranchochimayo.com. Members from all chapters are welcome to attend.

Show Biz and New Mexico

The Albuquerque Chapter, after a summer hiatus, starts again on September 13 with New Mexico Film Office Director Lisa Strout discussing the economic value of attracting film projects to New Mexico. Strout will also talk about what filmmakers want from reporters and the media.

Strout has been in the movie business for years. In 2001 she joined the New Mexico State Film Office as marketing director and in January 2003 became deputy director and is now the primary contact for potential film, TV and media projects looking to shoot in New Mexico.

Mark your calendars for Monday, Sept. 13, at 11:45 a.m. at the Sheraton Uptown. Cost to members if $15, nonmembers, $21. Guests of a member get member price for the first visit. For reservations, contact Janet Ford by Sept. 9 at 275-9724.

Albuquerque Names Board Members

We previously reported the Albuquerque chapter's new officers. President Diana Sandoval also named to the board: Janet Long Ford, reservations and Web site; Laurie Mellas, publicity; and Susanne Burks, membership. Immediate past president Lynne Behnfield Thomas is also on the board, as is state President Chris Burroughs.

Convention Committee Revives

It's not too soon to begin thinking about next year's convention. If you've heard a dynamite speaker or have some ideas about how to make this year's state meeting educational and fun, let Chris know. New committee members are always welcome.

First Amendment Alert

Connie Gotsch, who represents NMPW on the NFPW First Amendment Committee, passes along a message from national chair Tonda Rush: "Journalists around the country are banding together to fight an outburst of federal subpoenas issued to print and broadcast reporters in recent months. The investigation into the source for columnist Robert Novak's disclosure of CIA agent Valerie Plame's name added to concern that had begun to build since last year when reporters were ordered to testify in the lawsuit of Wen Ho Lee, former Los Alamos physicist.

"NFPW has long stood for the rights of reporters to protect confidential sources and also has urged that unnamed sources be used sparingly. NFPW has added its name to a petition by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, protesting the violation of the reporters' shield by prosecutors and courts.

To sign a petition go to http://www.rcfp.org/standup/. Connie adds this note about what happened in Farmington when President Bush visited Farmington: "A high school student, who wrote anti-Bush editorials for the Daily Times, and one of the key members of the Democratic Party in San Juan County were denied admittance to see him, even though they had tickets, and were told to leave at risk of being arrested. No explanation was given."

High School Communication Contest Winners

Here are winners of this year's high school contest.

First place, Monica Moya, "AP/ Honors Schedules Limit Students' Choices"; The Sandian, Sandia High School, Albuquerque; second place, Catherine Ray, "Fingerprints? Security is Over the Top," Sandia Prep Times, Sandia Preparatory School, Albuquerque; third place, Joelyn Timoner, "Too Old for Halloween?" Sandia Prep; honorable mention, Shane Hoffman, "Why, Choir Isn't Pointless!" RHS Today; Ruidoso High School, Ruidoso.

First Place, Andria Olson, "Party Leads to Police Citations," and Perry Sawyer, "Party Leads to Police Citations," both from Sandia Prep; second place, Andria Olson, "Vending Machine Snacks Cause Parents' Concern," Sandia Prep; third place, Monica Moya, "Changing Hue, Could Change View," Sandia Highl; honorable mention, Josh Cowdrey, "Dancing to New Beat," Sandia High; honorable mention, Natalie Harding, "Proposed Teen Curfew Raises Criticism," Sandia Prep; honorable mention, Shawna Russo, "Know Your Democratic Presidential Candidates," Sandia Prep.

First place, Brittany Yearout, "Phobias Interfere with Everyday Lives," Sandia High; second place, Joanna Reyes, "A Survivor's Story," RHS Today, Ruidoso High School; third place, Tonia Neal and Joanna Reyes, "How to do Prom in Ruidoso," and Joanna Reyes, "How to do Prom in Ruidoso"; RHS Today, Ruidoso High School and third place, Natalie Harding, "Violence on our Playgrounds," Sandia Prep; honorable Mention, Monica Moya, "Cheaters Never Prosper, or do They?" Sandia High; honorable mention, Leonel Pérez, "Si Manejas No Tomes," Highland Highlight, Highland High School, Albuquerque; honorable mention, Rosalia Sanchez, "Leave Your Shopping Bags Behind," Sandia High.

First place, Sarah Stoltzfus, "Girls Keep Down Doors in Football." Sandia High; second place, Casey Cooper, "Petrakis Selected as State Player of the Year," Sandia Prep; third place, Samantha Boatman, "Matador Football Fires up for Reason," Sandia High; honorable mention, Monica Moya, "Tennis Hopes to Repeat Past," Sandia High; honorable mention, Sarah Stolzfus, "Athletes Stop at Nothing to be Number One," Sandia High.

First, Laura Nelsen, "Increasing Portion Sizes Bites Americans in Their Butts," Sandia High; second, Erica Krause, "The Real World: Ruidoso High Schoolz"; Ruidoso High; third, Laura Nelsen, "Should Schools Teach Both Sides?" Sandia High; honorable mention, Laura Nelsen, "APS Uses Students as Guinea Pigs in Enriched Experience," Sandia High.

Feature Photo:
First, Kiana Cornelius, "Tickets on Sale for Holiday Dance Show," Ruidoso High' second, Sean Duffy, "Top, at Right…One Winner," Ruidoso High; third, Rastko Starcevic, "Making Light of it," Sandia Prep; honorable mention, Erin Nagle, "Cafeteria Employee Takes Money," Sandia Prep.

Sports Photo:
first, Alex Mansfield, "Three-peat," Sandia Prep; second, Alex Mansfield, "Freshman Defender Sean Blea, Right, heads the ball away from an opposing St. Michael's Player," Sandia Prep; third, Charli Krause, "Christine Brown Goes up for a Spike," Ruidoso High; honorable mention, Justin Goodrum, "Stuffin' It," Sandia High; honorable mention, Ny' Tia Langston, "Swish," Sandia High.

First, Stevie Olson, "Americans Subject to…" Sandia Prep; second, Stevie Olson, "Hell Hath No Fury Like Finals," Sandia High; third, Stevie Olson, "Fantasy Football," Sandia Prep.

First, Rastko Starcevik, "Card Concert Inspires," Sandia Prep; Second, Sawyer Perry, "Green, Culkin Break Through in 'Monster,'" Sandia Prep; Third, Kimiko Akiya, "India Kitchen Offers Array of Tastes," Sandia Prep; honorable mention, Alex Mansfield, "Mayer Latest a Hit and Miss Effort," and Rastko Starcevik, "Sugarcult Bounces off the Wall," both from Sandia Prep.

Single Page Layout:
First, Sara Hastings, Sandia High School; second, Brittany Yearout, Sandia High; third, Charli Krause, Ruidoso High School; honorable mention, Lindsey Frick, Sandia High.

Rastko Starcevik, of Sandia Prep, took a third place for reviews in NFPW's student contest.

Favorite Web Sites

Here's a good source of Web information on PR: "All About Public Relations with Steven R. Van Hook, a 20-year veteran who's sharing his experience at www.aboutpublicrelations.net.

Need to find a newspaper? Try Newslink, which can track down almost any paper on the planet. It's at www.newslink.org.

And you can dig up movie factoids at the Internet Movie Database at www.imdb.com.

Writing Opportunity

For several months Sherry Robinson has been writing columns for her old friend Hal Rhodes and his New Mexico News Services, which sells a package of opinion pieces each week on New Mexico subjects to mostly rural clients. Hal is at the mercy of the medical establishment for a couple of months, and Sherry is minding the store. Or the story, so to speak. (Heaven help Hal on both counts.)

Before all this started we had talked about recruiting some new writers, beefing up the package and trying to find new subscribers.

So here's an opportunity. If you have experience with column writing and want to jump in, or if you think you could write columns, let us know. Money is modest (very modest) but regular. Contact Sherry at robinson@nmia.com.

Workshops and Contests

Anne Hillerman notes a new twist in the November mystery conference announced in the last newsletter - a mystery short story contest. The story must be set in the West or Southwest and feature at least one cowboy or Native American character. It can be no longer than 2500 words and previously unpublished. Deadline for entries is Oct. 15. Prizes include publication in Cowboys and Indians magazine and tickets to the conference keynote banquet.

For information see www.sfworkshops.com or call 505-471-1565.


This issue MissCommunication will defer to writing coach Paula LaRocque, who spoke at the state convention. She advises us to beware of over-writing: "There is no art without restraint. All periods of art have debased into excess. Over-writing is the newsroom's Elvis on velvet."

People News

Marti Segura an intern at IBM in Austin. "The department I work in is called Linux Information Development, and I edit and produce technical documentation," she writes. "This has been a most exciting opportunity for me, which could land me a promising career upon graduation. I will be graduating from UNM (Go LOBOS!!) this December with a B.A. in English, Professional Writing. I certainly would hate to leave New Mexico, but unfortunately, I may have to if everything works out for me here."

Glenda Balas, assistant professor of communication and journalism at UNM, and fellow journalism faculty member, photographer Miguel Gandert, will take aim through word and image at women in agriculture. "Gifts of the Land" will be a traveling exhibit of photos, biographies and scholarly presentations. Miguel talked Glenda into turning the project into a book as well. They secured funding from the New Mexico Endowment for the Humanities and the UNM Resource Allocation Committee.

Some members may remember Glenda as a former member of the Eastern Chapter. She grew up on a peanut farm in Portales. She earned an MBA from ENMU and then a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. She joined UNM in 2001.

Others involved in the project are ENMU associate professor Patrice Caldwell and professor Janet Frost, author Sunny Dooley (a Las Cruces NMPW member) and Sherry Robinson.

In the Small World Department: Miguel and his family just moved in next door to Sherry.

Carolyn and Dennis Edwards have both retired and will leave Clovis-Portales for beautiful Angel Fire at the end of this month. "The Communications Office crew hosted a very nice campus-wide retirement party for me," Carolyn writes. "Jayne Williams, an artist and longtime friend, gave me a framed print of one of her paintings titled 'A Little Time for Me. What could be more appropriate?" Several community organizations held parties for both Carolyn and Dennis, who have contributed enormously to their community.

Carolyn's retirement plans include painting, playing with her dogs, travel and reading. "I plan to sit on the deck and read the three-foot-high stack of science fiction novels I've collected from the Jack Williamson Lectureship series at ENMU," she writes.

Her new address will be P.O. Box 1336, Angel Fire, NM 87710. Phone will be 505-377-1078.

Hollis Walker recently moderated a panel, "The Importance of the Fourth Amendment and the Erosion of Privacy" during an ACLU conference.

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