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The Broadsheet

New Mexico Press Women
May-June 2005 Vol. 28 No. 3

And a good time was had . . .

Old friends. New friends. Professional growth. But no good gossip. Still, it was a great annual conference. Susan Seligman, director of the New Mexico Anti-Defamation League, gave us a timely and inspired banquet speech.

Communications expert Susan Peterson held participants' attention for the morning workshop. Jonathan Price also drew a good crowd for his Web writing workshop. And some of us ventured into the field to learn about new hope for the Rio Grande silvery minnow from NMSU biologist David Cowley. Alas, a cloudburst dampened enthusiasm for the wine tasting, but six of us made it through flooded streets.

We had a good turnout, even though we were competing with the opening day of Albuquerque's Tricentennial activities.

Thanks to the NMPW board and conference committee headed by our hard-working president, Chris Burroughs: Emily Drabanski, Susanne Burks, Sandy Schauer, Connie Gotsch, Sherry Robinson, Denise Tessier, Diana Sandoval, D'Lyn Ford, Carol Clark, Laurie Mellas-Ramirez, Christina McIntosh, Lynn Cline and Kathy Córdova.

Thanks also to our sponsors: Sandia National Laboratories, the Albuquerque Journal and the Water Task Force at NMSU.

Possibilities for next year

We're now thinking about next year's meeting, and we're open to suggestions. If you didn't attend, why not? And what would inspire you to come next year? If you did attend, what did you think of the abbreviated conference schedule? Should we keep it or return to the former two-to-three-day conference?

Several of us are leaning toward something different for next year. One idea is to meet in an interesting place and have a writers' retreat. We also discussed either hiring a professional to organize the meeting or splitting proceeds with a member who wants to take on this chore. Have any places or speakers or themes to suggest? Let us hear from you.

2005 Communicator of Achievement:
Ree Scheck

Congratulations to Ree Scheck, this year's Communicator of Achievement, who was nominated by the Northern New Mexico Press Women.

Ree joined NMPW in 1974.

An author and top-notch bilingual (Spanish/English) editor, she began her career writing news and features for a city newspaper. Ree graduated cum laude from the UT-Austin School of Journalism, pursued graduate studies in Latin American history and was a Fulbright-Hays scholar in Quito, Ecuador.

In the 1970s, she was responsible for the NMSU alumni publication, Aggie Panorama, and was also a freelance writer. She researched and wrote the first popular history on New Mexico agriculture, "Agriculture Made New Mexico: Man and a Land That Gives No Quarter," published for NMSU's bicentennial. And she was technical writer and editor for the New Mexico Solar Energy Institute.

Her volunteer work includes service on the board of the League of Women Voters. She headed a two-year study of bilingual education in the Las Cruces Public Schools. And she was instrumental in establishing Camp Fire Inc. in Las Cruces, serving in a number of roles.

In 1983, she moved to Santa Fe.

After the death of her 14-year-old son Curt, Ree got involved in The Compassionate Friends, an organization for bereaved parents. She initiated and edited the group's newsletter. In her son's memory, Ree and her family established a foundation that awarded scholarships to outstanding students at his school. Later in 1984, she received a fellowship in the program "Conozca a una Democracia Desarmada" (Learn about an Unarmed Democracy), awarded by the Central American Press Institute, to encourage articles on Costa Rica, a country without an army. After that she enlarged the scope of the foundation to include support to rural schools there.

Since then the foundation has had projects in some 15 communities, ranging from donated books, teaching materials, school supplies and sports equipment to funds for building maintenance and first aid supplies.

Currently the foundation's efforts are focused on Colonia de Guayabo, where the foundation is building a community library and distance-learning center, its largest project to date. Guayabo has only a primary school, and some students are unable to continue high school in another town; higher education is out of the questions for many. The new center will serve children and adults in the entire region.

After traveling to Costa Rica on various assignments and projects from 1984 to 1990, Ree moved from Santa Fe to Costa Rica to work in rain forest conservation. She shared her knowledge through "Costa Rica, a Natural Destination," the first book about nature travel in Costa Rica.

John Muir Press (now Avalon Press) used her concept of "a natural destination" travel book in a series of guide books and published four editions before changing the series title to "Costa Rica: Adventures in Nature."

From 1990 to 1995 Ree was director of information for the Monteverde Conservation League in Costa Rica, an internationally recognized grassroots environmental conservation organization. Then she was the first marketing director of the Organization for Tropical Studies in San José, Costa Rica.

She returned to Santa Fe in 1999 and has worked full-time and on a free-lance basis for New Mexico Magazine and edited four books. She was also copy editor of the Salt Journal. For five years she's been associate editor of La Herencia, and recently edited Kathy Córdova's book ¡Concha! Matriarch of a 300-year-old New Mexico Legacy for La Herencia Press.

Since January 2001, she's been an editor of the Santa Fe New Mexican's Pasatiempo.

Ree Sheck has devoted her life to the pursuit of quality journalism that celebrates the human spirit while finding time to serve New Mexico Press Women and her community (in New Mexico as well as Costa Rica).

NMPW increases scholarships

NMPW awarded two $1,000 scholarships to the 2005 recipients of the Doris Gregory Memorial Scholarship. They are Sonya Ashley, a freshman writer and photographer at Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, and Cristal Jones, a senior in broadcast journalism at NMSU.

Because of a special gift from Hirst Córdova Public Relations, we were able to increase the award and dedicate it this year to the memory of Lee and Marie Hirst. Historian Denise Tessier sent a biography of Marie to the NFPW office. Marie was a 25-year member.

Thanks to the scholarship committee for all their hard work winnowing out candidates and holding a successful Silent Auction: Chairperson Laurie Mellas Ramirez, Susan Walton, Carolyn Gonzales and Carolyn Edwards. More than 40 donated items helped raise money this year. Many thanks to all who donated.

The annual Jewelry Boutique also had a fine selection and contributed to scholarship awards. Jewelry Maven Sherry Robinson thanks everyone who donated jewelry.


Vice President and Membership Guru Emily Drabanski has jumped right in and corralled a number of new members. We're now up to 68. We know many of you joined because of the contest (heck, that's why a lot of us joined), but we're hoping you'll also hang around and discover this is one dynamite group.

New member Brandie Erisman is the new High School Contest chair. Brandie does production and Web work for the handsome Camera Arts.

Contest Czar Connie Gotsch says next year's contest will cover the calendar year of 2005 - all of it. Many discovered that the contest period mysteriously lopped off December, so this corrects that problem. Contest deadline will be in January. And the board is mulling a new fee structure that would reduce costs for members and for multiple entries.

She reported that 51 entrants with 121 entries, down from 64 entrants and 156 entries last year. In the national contest NMPW had 44 first places, 35 second places and 17 third places.

Zia Award Chair Lynn Cline's judges selected "Old Coyote" by Nancy Wood of Santa Fe is this year's winner. The author spoke during the luncheon.

Susan Walton and Kathryn Córdova, co-chairing the High School Communications Contest, reported that six schools submitted 83 entries.

Lost Members

Emily Drabanski, vice president and membership chair, is trying to track down lost members. Here are former members whose letters were returned. Please let Emily know the whereabouts of these people: Geraldine Mosher and Stephanie Gibbons.

Welcome Aboard: New Members

A big welcome to these new members: Melissa Bollschweiler, NMSU, Las Cruces; Brandie Erisman, Albuquerque; Karen McCullough, Albuquerque; Arin McKenna, KTRC, Santa Fe; JoAnne Pegler, Gallup; Darrell Pehr, NMSU, Alamogordo; Melissa St. Aude, Silver City Press; Christine Barber, Jim Gordon, Melissa Martinez and Sandy Nelson, all of the Santa Fe New Mexican; and Debora Bluestone, El Palacio, Santa Fe.

Welcome also to Steven Allen, Weekly Alibi in Albuquerque; Ellen Davis, NMSU in Las Cruces, Noel Fletcher, Sandia National Laboratories; Beth Hahn, Mountain View Telegraph in Moriarty; author Madge Harrah; Greg Johnston, UNM; Jan Jonas, Albuquerque Tribune, Wanda Newberry, ENMU in Portales; Rosalie Rayburn, Albuquerque Journal.

And we're also pleased to see Margaret McKinney, a member of Colorado Press Women, who recently moved to Las Vegas.

Communications Contest Winners Announced

A big congratulations to these overall winners in the 2005 Communications Contest: Kathy Córdova, first; Denise Tessier, Albuquerque Journal, second; and Connie Gotsch, third.

Organizational winners were the Santa Fe New Mexican, first, NMSU and UNM, tied for second (an ironic tie), and Sandia National Laboratories, third.

Category results are as follows:

1 News Reporting, B Daily Paper: Beth Hahn, Hobbs News-Sun, first; Polly Summar, Albuquerque Journal, second; Julie Ann Grimm, Santa Fe New Mexican, third. C Special Publication: Chris Burroughs, Sandia Lab News, first; Janet Long Ford, ASRT Scanner, second.

2 Continuing Coverage: Beth Hahn, first; Julie Ann Grimm, second.

3 Investigative Reporting: Kate Nash, Albuquerque Journal, first.

4 Enterprise Reporting: Christine Barber, Santa Fe New Mexican, first; Kate Nash, second; Julie Ann Grimm, third.

5 Special Series: Phaedra Haywood, Santa Fe New Mexican, first.

6 Editorial Opinion: Denise Tessier, Mountain View Telegraph, first and second.

6-B-Daily Newspaper: Denise Tessier, Albuquerque Journal, first and third; R. Thomas Berner, Center Daily Times (College Station, Penn.), second.

7 Feature Story, A-Nondaily Newspaper: R. Thomas Berner, Albuquerque Arts, first; Carol Clark, Los Alamos Monitor, second and third.

7-B-Daily Paper: Jan Jonas, Albuquerque Tribune, first; Connie Gotsch, Farmington Daily Times, second; Christine Barber and Phaedra Haywood, Santa Fe New Mexican, third.

C Specialized Publication: Carolyn Gonzales, UNM Campus News and Waterwise, first and second; Greg Johnston, UNM Campus News, third; Laurie Mellas Ramirez, Campus News, third.

8 Personality Profile: Yvonne Lanelli, Podiatry Magazine, first; Andrea Shapiro, Santa Fe New Mexican, second.

9 Special Articles

A Business/ Agriculture: Rosalie Rayburn, Albuquerque Journal, first; Dayna Griego, The Ink and The Daily Press, second.

B Arts and Entertainment: Connie Gotsch, Farmington Daily Times, second; Dayna Griego, The Ink, third.

9-C Health: Melissa St. Aude, Silver City Press, first; Kathryn Cordova, Taos News, second.

9-D Education: Carolyn Gonzalez and Laurie Mellas Ramirez, UNM Campus News, second.

9-E Science/Ecology: Darrell Pehr, New Mexico Resources Magazine, first.

9-H History: Kathryn Cordova, New Mexico Magazine, second and Taos News, third.

9-J Religion: Noel Fletcher, Catholic News Service, second.

K Reviews: Steven Robert Allen, Weekly Alibi, first.

9-L Social Issues: Kathryn Cordova, Taos Green Guide, second.

9-M Sports and Leisure: Kathryn Cordova, Taos News, first; Yvonne Lanelli, Alamogordo Daily News, second.

9-N Travel: Yvonne Lanelli, Alamogordo Daily News, first.

10 Personal Column

B General: Jim Gordon, Santa Fe New Mexican, first; Sherry Robinson, New Mexico News Services, second; Kathryn Cordova, Taos News, third.

D Specialized: Phaedra Haywood, first; Yvonne Lanelli, second.

12 Single Page Non-Life Style Edited by Entrant,

B Daily Paper: Denise Tessier, Denise, Rio Rancho Journal, first and second.

14 Section Edited by Entrant Infrequent,

B Daily Paper: Sandy Nelson, Santa Fe New Mexican, first; Phaedra Haywood, second.

C Special Publication: Carol Kreis, Newsweek Education Program, first and second.

15 Publication Regularly Edited by Entrant,

C Specialized Publication: Debora Bluestone, El Palacio, first; D.D. Wolohan, ASRT Scanner, second; Laurie Mellas Ramirez, Campus News, third.

16 Page Layout, B Daily: Melissa Martinez, Santa Fe New Mexican, first.

17 Headlines, Captions, Graphics Cartoons, A Headlines: Denise Tessier, Albuquerque Journal, first. B

19 Photography in Daily Newspaper, A-News: R. Thomas Berner, Albuquerque Journal, first.

20 Photo in Publication Other than Newspaper, B Feature Photo: Wanda Newberry, Eastern New Mexico University, first. C Sports: Wanda Newberry, second.

21 Photo for the Web or Electronic Publishing: Greg Johnston, UNM, third.

23 Photographer-Writer: Jean Kepler Ross, New Mexico Magazine, first; Darrell Pehr, NMSU, second; Sam Steel Way, NMSU Alumni Newsletter, third; Wendel Sloan, ENMU Monday Memo, third.

25-A Prepared Report Radio: Connie Gotsch, KSJE Farmington, first and second.

26-A Special Programming Documentary: Connie Gotsch, first.

29-A Interview Radio: Arin McKenna, KTRC Santa Fe, first; Connie Gotsch, third.

30-B Talk Show Television: Carol A. Clark, Clark-Hoffmann Productions, first.

33 Writing for the Web: Noel Fletcher, Sandia National Laboratories, third.

34 Web Site or Section Edited by Entrant, C Non for Profit/Educational: Steve Carr, Greg Johnston, John Sumrow, and Karen Wentworth, UNM, first.

42 Community or Institutional Relations Campaign: Greg Johnston, UNM, first; Kathryn Córdova, Taos County Historical Society, second.

43 Public Service Campaign: Iris Aboytes, Sandia/ United Way, first.

47 Annual Report, A External: Rita Popp and Melissa Bollschweiler, Doña Ana Branch Community College, first.

48 Magazine, B 4 Color: Ellen Davis, Research NMSU, first; Mary Conrad, Mirage UNM, second; D'Lyn Ford, New Mexico Resources, second.

49 Magapaper/Tabloid: Chris Burroughs, Sandia Labs News, first.

51 Brochure, B Four Color: Gerald Rel, NMSU, first; Duncan Hayse, NMSU Graduate Study, second; Rachel Gallagher, NMSU Housing, third.

55 Single Release, A News: Chris Burroughs, Sandia, first. B Feature: Ellen Davis, NMSU, second; Rachel Gallagher, NMSU, second.

58 Speeches: Noel Fletcher, Sandia, first.

71-B Non-Fiction Biography History: Kathryn Cordova, Concha, first.

72 Full Length Fiction: Connie Gotsch, DLSIJ Press, second.

73 Juvenile Book: Madge Harrah, Carolmoda Books, first.

Chapter News

Diana Sandoval, president of the Albuquerque chapter, said the group had 34 members, with membership growing slightly in recent months.

In May the group heard from UNM faculty member Dennis Herrick, who said, "Family-owned newspapers are rare as whooping cranes." He says "journalism being squeezed out of newspapers and television," journalism being defined as the information people need to participate in a democracy. "TV news is in a death spiral in a lot of cities."

He blames corporate ownership for much of what's wrong with the media today; they're interested only in short-term profits and don't answer to the public. "The bigger the corporation, the bigger the issues they're not covering.

A previous meeting featured longtime Albuquerque radio personality Larry Ahrens, now morning host of new FM talk station at KAGM-106.3. Most interesting quote: "Rush Limbaugh saved AM radio. I wouldn't have had a job if he hadn't come along.

The upcoming meeting on June 13 will focus on journalism ethics.

Carol Clark, president of the Northern New Mexico chapter, said speakers this year have included Sandra Blakeslee, of the New York Times, First Lady Barbara Richardson. The newly (re)organized chapter has drafted bylaws.

Coming up on June 4 is veteran political analyst, consultant, political journalist and blogger Joe Monahan.

D'Lyn Ford, outgoing president of the Las Cruces chapter, said the group has 24 members. New officers, elected recently, are: President, Jeanne Resendez; treasurer, Nena Singleton. The program committee includes Joan McClure Post and Marty Liefeld.

The chapter's most recent meeting, "Lunch and Light Conversations," was a round-table discussion that allowed members to talk about what they're doing. In April their speaker was photographer Cecilia Lewis, founder of the Fresh Eyes Photography Project, which combines creativity and compassion in teaching photography to juveniles at the J. Paul Taylor Detention Center.


"He has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary." -- William Faulkner (about Ernest Hemingway)

"Poor Faulkner. Does he really think big emotions come from big words?" -- Ernest Hemingway (about William Faulkner)

Favorite Web Sites

See http://www.theliteracysite.com and click on the "Give Free Books" button. For every 100 clicks, the sponsors provide funds for free books for children.

People News

From beautiful Alto, Yvonne Lanelli writes: "I returned home this weekend (from a most rewarding five weeks abroad) to find (a) a beaming editor of the Alamo News holding your NMPW news release in his beefy hand, and (b)Connie's big envelope with my certificates. Resulting whoops of joy echoed down my mountains like Swiss yodels, only not as melodic. Thank you, dear Press Women, for the opportunity to receive recognition (since I'm not paid much) for my work. The phrase 'shot in the arm' comes to mind.

As mentioned above, I'm finally home, drying out (no, I wasn't at Betty Ford) from two weeks of diving Truk Lagoon and Palau (yes, the one in "Survivor"). Got tons of material for articles. That was the fun part. Now comes the not-fun part: Puh-leeeze, Mr./Ms. Editor, buy my articles. . . .Why does querying always make me feel like a streetwalker?"

And Yvonne was also happy to report that her Web site is up, thanks to a class at ENMU. See www.zianet.com/lanelli.

Connie Gotsch has just written her first review for Banyon Publishing.com and will write one a month. See http://www.self-publishinghelp.com/

Emily Drabanski was exercising her vocal chords the weekend of NMPW convention. She writes: "I really missed everyone. But Beethoven's 9th was awesome--three standing ovations. I think it's only the second time it's ever been done in Santa Fe and the first time at the Lensic."

Susan Walton is president of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government which hosted the National Freedom of Information Coalitions' Annual Conference in Santa Fe in May 2005.

Pari Noskin reports that her second mystery, "The Belen Hitch" is in the publishing pipeline, and she has readers' copies for anybody who wants one for review writing. "The book will have its official debut in the mystery community during Bouchercon in early September," she writes. "Work on my two new manuscripts goes more slowly than I would like. Sometimes creativity and frustration walk hand-in-hand in my life… If anyone thinks that being a writer is glamorous, please, let me disabuse you of the notion right now. Much of writing is producing awful prose that, with skilled editing and heartless cutting, becomes better and better."

Just out is "Insiders Guide to Santa Fe" by Nicky Leach, Richard Mahler, Anne Hillerman and Tamar Stieber. It includes history, culture, attractions, lodging, shopping, and restaurants. Anne has written three other books for children.

Sherry Robinson just returned from The Great State of Texas, where she was winding up research on her book. A highlight of the trip, besides walking through the Seminole Scout Cemetery and following the Pecos through West Texas, was visiting former NMPW member Mamie Carter in San Antonio. Mamie is still in commercial real estate, although she has embarked on two historical novels, both set in the West.

Coming Events

Anne Hillerman and Jean Schaumberg announce that WORDHARVEST writing workshops will hold one-day, fiction, nonfiction and poetry workshops this summer, beginning July 9. See http://www.sfworkshops.com/onedayworkshops.htm.

John Oelfke, owner of Central Avenue Press, will speak at the New Mexico Book Co-op meeting on June 22 at noon. His talk is "All Presses Are Not Created Equal." The noon meeting is at the Hometown Buffet, 9261 Coors in the Target Shopping Center on Albuquerque's West Side. For information or reservations call 344-9382 or email info@nmbookcoop.com.

The New Mexico Screenwriter's Speaker Series is a new program for New Mexico-based screenwriters to learn from some of the industry's top professionals. Monthly three-hour programs will be Saturday mornings. The first will feature Deborah Smith. Speaking at Rio Grande Studios, 6608 Gulton Ct. NE in Albuquerque. Cost is $10.

Special all-day events will be held quarterly. The first quarterly program, July 23rd, will feature noted Los Angeles screenwriting teacher Jim Mercurio, a contributing writer and columnist for Creative Screenwriting Magazine. For information, see www.nmscreenwriters.com.

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