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The Broadsheet

New Mexico Press Women
March 2005 Vol. 28 No. 2

Join Us for a Great Convention!

Your convention planners are in the final lap for this year's event, "A Way With Words," April 15-16. Don't miss out! The convention committee, led by NMPW President Chris Burroughs, has worked hard to deliver a professional and enjoyable meeting.

We'll kick off with the awards banquet on Friday night. Our banquet speaker is Susan Seligman, director of the New Mexico Anti-Defamation League for 16 years. She works with law enforcement, media, schools, the Legislature and other community groups to combat prejudice, discrimination and anti-Semitism. She was involved in passage of the state's hate crimes bill and has facilitated diversity training for schools and business and organized training for law enforcement on extremism. She is also a published author.

Saturday morning Susan Peterson, a former NBC and CBS's first female correspondent, trains and coaches leaders for media interviews, speeches, presentations and crises. Her workshop is "Telling Your Story in a Media Crazy World, a discussion of new trends and realities in today's media market. She'll talk about how to steer clear of gotcha tactics, anticipate interview traps and avoid loaded questions.

Saturday afternoon there is a choice of activities.

Lisa and Jonathan Price, a professional Web writer and editor, will deliver a workshop on "Web Writing that Works." He'll offer tips about tailoring prose for e-mail, Web pages, and discussion lists. He's written and edited hundreds of articles for web sites.

And the Las Cruces chapter has arranged a field trip to the Middle Rio Grande with endangered species expert David Cowley, a professor at NMSU. He's studying whether the agriculture drainage system could serve as a refuge for the silvery minnow and other native fish.

After the field trip, we'll end the day and the conference with a wine tasting at Gruet Winery, chosen by Diana Sandoval and Sherry Robinson after a strenuous afternoon of wine sampling. The Gruet family began making champagne in 1952. In the 1980s they began looking outside France for the ideal climate and soil and found them in southern New Mexico at T or C. Laurent Gruet and Farid Himeur established the operation here in 1984 and now produce wines and bubbly. The wine tasting is $5 per participant, payable at the winery.

Diana arranged for a bus with Follow the Sun Inc., which cart participants to the silvery minnow field trip and then to Gruet. The bus holds 27 people; additional participants can take their own cars or carpool.

Thanks to the Albuquerque Journal for its $250 sponsorship. This is in addition to $2,000 from Sandia National Laboratories. John Cordova of Hirst/Cordova Public Relations also donated $1,000 for the annual scholarship fund.

Budget tight? No problem.

To make it possible for everyone to attend, the convention committee reduced the registration fee this year. And the state organization will provide a couple of scholarships to help members attend. (For information, contact Treasurer Sandy Schauer.) In addition, the Las Cruces chapter is offering a registration scholarship for one of its members who has never attended an NMPW conference.

And if your budget doesn't stretch to include a hotel, contact Sherry Robinson about staying in an Albuquerque member's guest room.

Silent Auction and Jewelry Boutique:
Donate your good goods!

Another highlight of the awards banquet is the annual silent auction, which funds NMPW scholarships for journalism students. Scholarship ringleader Laurie Mellas Ramirez needs those donations!

Re-gift to Press Women or tap retailers you know for a donation. Let Laurie know what you're bringing so she can prepare bid sheets.

And don't forget jewelry. Last year we held the first Jewelry Boutique with items donated by members. It not only raised money but was great fun too! We all went home with each other's jewelry. Go through your jewelry box and pass along those pieces you don't wear any more. Contact jewelry monger Sherry Robinson.


Contest Czar Connie Gotsch reports, "We done good! Fifty-one people entered 121 pieces ranging from news reports and press releases to books. We had 44 first places (36 percent), 35 second places, (29 percent), 17 thirds (14 percent), 11 honorable mentions (9 percent).

Connie has sent letters went out to all winning contestants.

NMPW has a new PR director. She is Christina McIntosh who does media relations/publications at Sandia Prep in Albuquerque. Her first job will be to publicize the conference and then to publicize contest winners. Christina attended her first conference last year and liked the group so much she joined and volunteered to fill our PR board slot. Welcome, Christina!

High School Winners Announced

Kathy Córdova has announced the winners of the 2005 NMPW High School Communications Contest. Sandia Prep and Los Lunas dominated the categories, but we're pleased to see entries from Farmington, Española, and Santa Fe.

Editorial: First, Elena Carnes, Sandia Preparatory School for "Humanity Answers"; second, Katie Sanchez and Jillian Burke, Los Lunas High School; third, James Medlicott, Los Lunas.

Opinion: First, Barney Lopez, Los Lunas, "Sports, Cars and Guns: The Male Ladder of Life"; second, Stevie Olson, Sandia Prep; third, Jillian Burke, Los Lunas.

News: First, Jessica Siegel, Sandia Prep, "Survey Reading Takes a Back Seat"; second, Erin Schofield, Piedra Vista High School (Farmington); third, Israel Ibarra, Highland High School.

Feature: First, Barney Lopez, Los Lunas, "10 Things I Hate About You"; second, Shawna Russo, Sandia Prep; third, Alex Borgeson, Sandia Prep.

Sports: First Place, Ryan McDaniel, Sandia Prep; second, Luke Lagattuta, Highland; third, Ryan McDaniel, Sandia Prep.

Column: First, Ali Holm, Sandia Prep, "Lost Unity Needs Renewal," Appreciating Democracy in Cynical Times," and "Editor-in-Chief Reflects on Journalism Bias"; second, Sara Ogle, Los Lunas.

Feature photo: First, Erin Nagel, Sandia Prep, "Candy Grab"; second, Anna Hampton, Sandia Prep; third, Ginny Hall, Los Lunas.

Sports photo: First, Ali Holm, Sandia Prep, "Senior Nate Garcia Battles for Ball"; second, Erin Nagel, Sandia Prep.

Cartooning: First, Stevie Olson, Sandia Prep, "A World of Waves"; second, Stevie Olson; third, Matthew Green, Los Lunas.

Reviews: First, Collin Spears, Highland, "Movie Preview- Kick for Flix"; second, Shawna Russo, Sandia Prep; third, Charles Davies, Highland.

Graphics: First, Jessica Francisco, McCurdy High School (Española), "Yearbook Staff"; second, Keith Thompson, McCurdy; third, Erin Nagel, Sandia Prep.

Single page layout: First, Jillian Burke and Katie Sanchez, Los Lunas High School; second and third, Stevie Olson and Alex Borgeson, Sandia Prep.

Chapter News

Chapter president Carol Clark has arranged for First Lady Barbara Richardson to speak to the Northern New Mexico chapter for the April 2 meeting, to be held at noon at Tiny's. Please join them.

On March 14, longtime Albuquerque talk show host Larry Ahrens kicked off his new morning show at the new FM talk station, 106.3 KAGM. After his show, he spoke to Albuquerque Press Women. Ahrens also celebrated 25 years on the air.

D'Lyn Ford, Las Cruces chapter president, reports that this year Las Cruces' membership now equals Albuquerque's.

At their most recent meeting in late February, the speakers were Mark and Marilyn Nero, talking about "The Marriage of High Tech and Hands On." Graduates of ENMU, they worked in Seattle before moving to Kingston, NM, where they operate Cranberry Press from a straw-bale studio.

Job Opportunities

The Las Cruces Bulletin is looking for a new business editor. The candidate should have writing and editing skills, and skills in photography, design and pagination are a plus. Contact owner-editor-publisher Dave McCollum at 524-8061, or by email at publisher@lascrucesbulletin.com.

A new home and gardening magazine is being established in New Mexico. The publisher is looking for a part-time editor and later part-time writers. Call Chris Burroughs at 844-0948 for more information.

Favorite Web Sites

The Working Women website, www.womenworking2000.com, supports women to advance, lead, and navigate work/life. It offers success strategies for women, Power Networking Contacts, a Women's Bookshelf, and a Community Forum as a way for visitors to connect with each other.

You Go, Girl

In a Wall Street Journal commentary, Peggy Noonan offered some advice to about how to revive CBS News. It applies to all of TV Land, including local shows.

"Here, offered as a public service, are three suggestions for the owners of the networks.

"First, stop being mesmerized by Cronkiteism… the corny and no longer relevant belief that the anchorman makes the evening news, that if he's popular it's popular…Cronkite came to be broadly respected because his show was broadly respected… They should hire a reasonable journalist at a reasonable price and then build a sterling, stellar broadcast around him.

CBS should also forgo the temptation to spend millions and millions on a new set, new graphics and new theme music. Message to the executive producer: No one in America cares about a new set or new graphics…

Second, put your money in the field. Take all that money and get yourselves some talented, hungry correspondents. A lot of them. They should be all over Africa, South America, the Mideast and Europe, with talented crews.

Don't get bright young blondes named Kimmy, Kubby and Koopy. Instead, rehire the great old guys and women you started laying off in the 1980s because they were getting a little fat, a little old, a little untelegenic… Hire them back… This is a whole country that's aging. We don't want to watch cupcakes on network TV… [Ed. Note: Or local TV.]

Third, put down that copy of the New York Times…Trust your correspondents in the field. Let them tell you the story. Don't tell them what the story is from New York, after you've read the Times and the Washington Post.

People News

Ann Palormo was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, they caught it in its very early stages. Sunny Conley reports that on Valentine's Day, Ann had a lumpectomy and is recovering well. She recently retired as NMSU's long-time director of gift planning after more than 15 years of service to the university.

Pari Noskin tells us, with great excitement, "My feet haven't touched the ground since I found out that "The Clovis Incident" has been nominated for an Agatha Award for best first novel for 2004."

Coming Events

NMPW is a sponsor of the National Freedom of Information Coalition annual conference, to be held May 13 and 14 at the St. Francis Hotel in Santa Fe. Early Bird registration is $100, which includes two lunches, a breakfast and reception. One-day only sessions are $30. For information see http://www.nfoic.org/Meetings.html

Anne Hillerman and Jean Schaumberg announce that WORDHARVEST writing workshops will hold Saturday workshops in April on fiction writing and how to sell your work. Novelist Paula Paul teaches "It's No Mystery: How to Write Your Novel" on April 2. Paul is an award-winning novelist and the author of 11 published books.

On April 9 Shirley Raye Redmond discusses "Revitalize Your Writing and Double Your Sales!" An award-winning nonfiction writer, Redmond has sold nine books and more than 400 articles.

All workshops are held in a writer's home a few minutes from downtown Santa Fe. Cost is $125, including materials, lunch and snacks. To register or for information, call 505-471-1565, e-mail wordharvest@yahoo.com or go to the website, www.sfworkshops.com

The New Mexico Book Co-op/New Mexico Book Association will meet March 24. The subject is book reviews, led by Candelora Versace and Barbara Riley of Southwest Bookviews and Carol Kay of New Mexico Magazine. The meeting will be 6 p.m. at the Great Wall Chinese Buffet at 3301 Coors Blvd. in Albuquerque. The buffet is $7.99. Anyone interested in attending is asked to email info@nmbookcoop.com or phone 505/344-9382.

The April 29 meeting at noon will focus on preparing for book fairs and trade shows. The discussion leader will be Joe Wesbrook, former sales manager of UNM Press. Location will be announced.

The co-op, which is led by Paul Rhetts and Barbe Awalt, is also organizing a book fair at Cottonwood Mall on May 7. More than 112 authors and publishers have signed up. Limited numbers of spaces remain, and it's possible to share booth space. For more information see http://nmbookcoop.com.

Let us know what you're doing!
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